VTEmm - VTE Terminal C++ Wrapper

What is VTEMM

VTEMM is the C++ Wrapper of VTE terminal widget. It is comfortable to use with gtkmm (GTK+ C++ Wrapper).

Project Infomation

You can check this project's detail at sourceforge.jp project page. But it maybe japanese page. (I prefer Japanese that is my mother's tongue.)

Requirements for Installation

You should install the following softwares before install this software.
* gdk 2.0.6 or more earier
* atk 1.0.3 or more earier
* pango 1.1.1 or more earier
* gtk+ 2.0.6 or more earier
* libsigc++ 1.2.0 or more earier
* gtkmm 2.0.0 or more earier
* pkg-config 0.12.0 or more earier

If you want to develop this package, you should install the follwing softwares.
* autoconf 2.57 or more earier
* automake 1.7.5 or more earier
* graphviz 1.10 or more earier
* doxygen 1.3.4 or more earier

I use Red Hat 8.0 to develop this software and I added libsigc++, gtkmm, autoconf, automake, graphviz and doxygen.

Download Package

Now I am developing this software, so you cannot download packages. But you can download from CVS repogitory.

CVS repogitory

VTEmm CVS Web Interface

Mailing List

vtemm-list @ lists.sourceforge.jp


* VTE Terminal Widget Reference Manual
* Nalin's VTE page (Nalin is the auther of VTE widget.)
* gtkmm (GTK+ C++ Wrapper)

* doxygen (Document Generator) Let's use doxygen (Good Japanese Reference)

Other References

* ZVT Terminal Widget Reference Manual


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